Well hello, my name is Rick Touchstone nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.  I am 55 years old and have never felt better physically and physiologically. I now enjoy exercise and many outdoor activities.

That is a huge change from the old Rick. I also love sharing my story and hope that I can help someone with my experience. My insurance company required 6 months of nutrition counseling, psychological evaluation, and release from several doctors and specialists. So why did it take over a year?

Well, the insurance company denied the request for surgery. It was devastating, but you must never give up. Lucky for me my insurance company was receptive with the second request and by that time I have lost 22 lbs and they approved the surgery. The doctor put the entire thing together and I was ready to go in 10 days. I have created this website and blog to share My Gastric Bypass Story, the whole story … Good, Bad, and the Ugly.

I found it so helpful when trying to prepare myself emotionally for what was to come reading blogs and watching the videos people had made documenting their progress. One thing I cannot stress more is that this is My Story and yours will not be the same  each experience is different and dietitians each have slightly different opinions on protocols.  I hope by following along with me I may inspire you to make the change yourself or help you decide this is not for you. I also hope to make new friends along the way, share recipes and products I use to make the transition fun and successful venture.