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Strengthen Your Pelvic Core By Kick Starting Your Pelvic Clock Exercises


Feel like you have lost some energy and balance in your body? You need to strengthen your pelvic core?

Ever wonder why your back aches soon after you hit the road? Has shopping become a chore instead of a fun time as of late?
If you feel that the quality of your life has decreased because of a constant hitch in your back, then you know it is time to modify your current lifestyle and bring in some pain-taking techniques! Some might suggest very high-end, costly and time taking solutions to you, when simpler, cost effective and easily doable solutions exist such as the Pelvic Clock.

Back Pain Cure

The pelvic clock is an addition of five to twenty minutes of simple exercises in your life which can help you manage your lower body pain while building strength and flexibility for your body. Who would know a simple exercise could have such a magnitude of positive affect on your body? Well, it is time to wear your thinking hats on and get researching on what the pelvic clock is all about and how you can benefit from it.
To get you started, here is a starter pack of exercises, ranging from basic stretches to modified techniques that can improve the overall quality of life for you.

Getting Started

1. Get into The Rhythm
Lie back on a solid surface. Bend your knees with feet hip distance apart. Take a couple of deep breaths to bring focus and mind & body relaxation. Keep breathing till you shift your focus from the monotony to the routine.

2. Work On Your Pelvis
Slowly but surely lift your pelvis about one to three inches off the floor, place the pelvic clock right above your tailbone (sacrum).  Relax your back on the pelvic clock and find your adjustment spot. The 12 o’clock marker on the device should be pointing towards your head.

3. Rock Steadily
Stretch your legs open without stressing them into a straight position and get comfortable with the pelvic clock. Rock side by side and start getting familiar with the device.

Start Stretching!

To get you started, work on your stretches. Stretching helps your muscles relax, get in form and be prepared for a workout ahead. It also helps in bringing flexibility to your overall posture.

1. Rock Forward
Keeping your head at 12 o’clock, do simple rocking movements between 12 and 6 which will seem back and forth to warm up. Make sure your feet are firmly grounded and hands placed on the side of your body.

2. Rock Sideways
Keeping 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock on your sides, rock your pelvis slowly on the pelvic clock from 3 to 9. This will be a left to right or vice versa movement to get you used to the clock motion.

3. Rock Clockwise
To give yourself a boost, slowly attempt the clockwise movement on the pelvic clock. Move your hips in a circle and make sure that you are controlling your movement. Your hip will complete one full circle clockwise.

Pelvic Clock® exercise device is a stretching aid for hip and lower back pain relief.

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  • What an amazing device. I struggled with the chiropractor for over 6 months. The Pelvic clock had me back to my pilates in 1 month. Highly recommended!